Cutii’s CES Innovation Award : Tech For a Better World

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During the CES Unveiled in Paris on October 25th, at the Palais Brongniart, 26 of the most innovative French businesses were honored. It was an unbelievable opportunity for them to be on stage in front of everyone at the great event in Las Vegas.

Through its unique and innovative solution, CareClever was the Winner of the CES 2017 Innovation Awards, in the category Tech For a Better World.

What is the CES Innovation Award ?

The CES Innovation Award is a symbolic prize given to businesses with innovative technologies on the market. This prize brings credibility and recognition to its winner. Each product (in various categories) is evaluated by three professional judges – an independent industrial designer, an independent engineer, and a member of specialized press – by the following criteria :

Engineering Quality


Functionality and attractiveness for the consumer. To note in the Tech For a Better World category: the positive impact on the user’s quality of life (and for the people impacted by its use) is also taken into account.

> How the product is unique for the consumer

> How the design and innovation of the product differentiate it from its competition

For this opportunity, Yumii played its cards right among all the businesses present.

Cutii CES Innovation Award


French Innovation and Know-How

26 businesses, including CareClever, received a CES Innovation Award in different categories, such as Drones, Digital Imaging, Fitness Sport and Biotech, and even Smart Houses….

Thanks to this event, France will be the foremost foreign delegation present in Las Vegas with no less than 10% of products awarded out of all the products present.

So, French businesses are headed to Las Vegas with unique and high-quality innovations.

CES 2017 Las Vegas : January 5th -8th, 2017

This 4-day event is THE worldwide meeting dedicated to technological innovation.

With more than 3600 exhibitors on 2,400,354+ square feet (223,000 square meters), and 170,000 professionals present, it makes for a gigantic promotional showcase for businesses.

CareClever is proud to present its robot companion Cutii in a preview showing, and to represent French innovation in the most beautiful way at CES Las Vegas with its Award in the Tech For a Better World category.

The revolution is underway !