Services adapted for use in senior living residences

  • Video calls between residents and families
  • Entertainment for residents
  • Night patrol
  • 24/7 tele-consultations *


Cutii brings benefits for :

  • Your residence : an enriched program of activities and a unique service offering.


  • Your residents : hear from their relatives, create social ties by safely participating in activities with other residents !


  • Your resident’s family : get more news from their loved one and exchange photos.


  • Therese, nursing home resident : “Oh it was good and it was fun, we could talk. The activity went well !”


  • Marie Sophie, Cutii counselor in nursing homes : “Thanks to Cutii, we make calls with families, which is very pleasant because, until now, we had to go down to the hall to have access, which was very complicated.”


  • Gaëtan, activity host using Cutii : “What I really liked is that people lend themselves to the game. I see a lot of smiles and they even make jokes !”