Cutii’s Press Review #1

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This week, rediscover 3 bits of information that caught Cutii’s attention ! All about the IoT program, Robotics, and Start-up.

Cutii IoT Press Review

Connected objects : Vehicles of Entertainment, or Well-Being ?

Connected objects are all around us. However, their usage in France is little known, and linked to simple smart watches or bracelets. So, what’s the future of these objets? Just tools to entertain ourselves, or an evolution of our lifestyles?






Robotics – Legislation for robots ? What kind ?

In the midst of a massive digital transformation, consumption styles and our lifestyle habits are evolving. The increase in connected objects, in self-driving cars, and even in robots destined for companionship or industry brings its own bunch of questions. Today, how can we legislate, control, or establish ethical principles around these new products ?




Cutii_Startup_Press Review


What’s the best city to create a start-up ?

With about 13,000 startups and more than 200 incubators, France isa hotbed of young, entrepreneurial businesses ! Despite an estimated failure rate of 90%, the entrepreneurial mindset of the French people continues to grow. How can one optimize one’s chances of success ?