Cutii Press Review #3

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Cutii's press review #3

What articles attracted Cutii’s attention these past two weeks? Cutii has selected 3 for you, concerning the Silver Economy, robotics and the relationship of senior citizens towards social networks. 

Cutii Press Review Silver Economy

What impact do elders have on the economy ?

The global population is ceaselessly aging and will double between 2000 and 2050. The magazine Challenges offers an analysis of this evolution and its impact on the economy and on French businesses.





Cutii Seniors Revue de presse

What place does social media have with elders ?

Social networks are at the heart of our buying methods. In France, the average amount of time spent on social networks is 1 hour and 20 minutes per day. By their social dimension, these networks are also adopted in daily life by elders. “Les Senioriales” has created an infographic about the relations of elders concerning social media.




How should France reflect on Artificial Intelligence ?

#FranceIA is a vast project launched by the government, to define strategic orientations of the country in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Through this process, France listens to and takes part in strategic reflection on the impact of AI in automation in the economy and society.

Between questioning, fears, and also future perspectives, France has an important role to play in this domain.