Cutii’s Press Review #2

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Cutii's Press Review #2

What are the three subjects that caught Cutii’s eye these past two weeks? Get your dose of information about IoT, social networks, and artificial intelligence !

Cutii IoT Press Review


What’s the market like for IoT in 2017 ?

France got noticed at CES 2017, especially with the presence of numerous startups at Eureka Park. What is its real impact in the digital leisure industry ?

Olivier Ezratty, a strategic marketing specialist and the author of “Guide des Startups”, brings his expertise to discuss the various perspectives of the IoT market in 2017.





Cutii Social Networks Press Review


Information and Social Networks

Social networks continually supply us with content. It is becoming more and more difficult to discern true from false in “informative” publications.

Facebook has decided to work with certain French media outlets in order to combat these deceptive articles.




Cutii Artificial Intelligence Press Review

The impact of Artificial Intelligence: Myth or Reality ?

Artificial Intelligence is developing : what could be its possible uses for individuals or for businesses ? At what point does it become a threat, or an ally?

The year 2017 may become a year of reflection to define a national strategy in Artificial Intelligence – an important task for the issue of thought about AI ethics in the world.