Cutii’s Press Review #4

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Cutii Press Review 4

Cutii was mainly interested this week in the Silver Economy, in connected objects in service of health, and also in the weight of startups in France and their consideration for presidential candidates.

Silver Economy Compagnon robotHow can we intelligently approach the Silver Economy market ?

Are you a young, evolving entrepreneur or wanting to launch in the Silver Economy market ?

Frédéric Serrière (strategic consultant and founder of the Think Tank Age Economy) presents what he considers to be the 3 high-growth ideas, as well as 3 pieces of advice and 3 mistakes to avoid in order to grow in this market.



Silver Economy Compagnon robot

What are good branding practices ?

How can one optimize one’s startup as rapidly as possible, and enlarge one’s brand territory ?

Branding is a keystone for the success of your business and is not to be neglected. Knowing this, Maddyness presents its guide to good practices for young startuppers.



Silver Economy Compagnon robot



What is the future of health and the connected objects ?

Connected objects are evolving ceaselessly, making our daily lives easier. Often minimized and presented as mere gadgets they are taking more and more of a place in the domain of healthcare. So, what are the top innovations in healthcare in 2017 ?