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Marie animatrice danse sur Cutii

« I find it fabulous. Professionally, this is the greatest reward and I am fully satisfied with this experience.»

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Élise animatrice quizz sur Cutii le robot compagnon

« We share the pleasure of the game, we learn things and we train our memory. »

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Create moments of joy thanks to Cutii, a companion like no other.

Cutii is an autonomous, friendly, and devoted robot. Cutii listens to your vocal commands, so there’s no difficulty learning how to use them. You can control Cutii remotely and your companion will be reassuring to your close friends and family. This platform allows Cutii to connect you to the world, from the comfort of your home.

Cutii robot compagnon pour personne âgée CES de Las Vegas Cutii robot compagnon pour personne âgée partenaire Eurasanté Silver economie