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What's a host?

An activity host is a caring person who is full of life at the same time. But also a person who wants to pass on knowledge while learning from the seniors. This cocktail makes you the perfect host for Cutii!

Stories of hosts

    "I do things seriously without taking myself seriously: with a light mind and my feet on the ground!"

    Laurence, animator

    "We share the pleasure of the game, we learn things and we train our memory!"

    Elise, animator


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Questions ?

  • How tall is Cutii?

    Cutii has a telescopic neck for use while sitting as well as standing. So its height varies between 1.2m (45”) and 1.45m (57”).
  • How does Cutii move?

    The Cutii companion robot is able to follow you independently. As part of a call with one of your loved ones, he or she can remote-control the robot to see you better or to allow you to move around.
  • Do I need internet to use Cutii?

    The Cutii companion robot must be connected via WiFi to an internet network in order to be able to use its services. For optimal call quality we recommend that you use the following connection methods: vdsl, fiber, 4G or 5G.
Community charter

7 principles of the community charter

We want the Cutii community to be fun and safe for everyone. The charter has been designed to ensure that users have a five-star experience when using the service.

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  • 1

    Before my session, I validate the requested entries

  • 2

    It's time! I'm starting my session so I don't keep my participants waiting.

  • 3

    Pour une séance réussie, j’accueille mes participants avec un temps de présentation et un avis sur la qualité de la vidéo, du son, du cadrage !

  • 4

    For a successful session, I welcome my participants with a presentation time and an opinion on the quality of the video, the sound, the framing!

  • 5

    It's already over! I thank them for their participation... And here is the recipe for a perfect activity!