Culture and Technology as Vehicles for Social Ties

Culture and Technology as Vehicles for Social Ties

Whether you’re 10 or 80 years old, each of us attaches great importance to social ties and to all that connects us. These are the links, after all, that allow each of us to advance as human beings; to blossom. Our thirst for learning, our centers of interest, and our will to exist as Mankind can be expressed through various cultural areas.

Culture is a means by which we can gather all generations together, and enliven and rekindle our social ties.

Culture’s Place in Our Society

Culture in all its forms comes up in the daily life of every person, whether it be by writing, music, or even history. Our society dedicates an important place to culture, and from it, creates a source of meetings and exchanges. These two things, multiplied by our cultural diversity, bring wealth and satisfaction to all generations.


The Perception of Culture by our Senior Citizens

A study led by Domitys of 300 people, more than 60 years old, highlights the special importance that culture has in the lives of our senior citizen. 90% of them consider culture “essential”.

This importance is explained by the fact that culture is a vehicle of sharing, of opening oneself to the world, and of personal flourishing. Through culture; especially history, music, and literature; our senior citizens escape faily life. Despite the fact that they flourish through culture, the study also revealed that the senior citizens who were surveyed regret not sharing culture more often with the young people who are close to them.

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Technology, a Means for Cultural Sharing

Today, technology is evolving, and new tools for sharing are appearing. Whether this be the internet’s presence as a “facilitator” of the democratization of culture, or the appearance of a digital tour guide during museum visits. All of these uses of technology bring about a greatly facilitated access to culture to individuals regardless of age.

However, what means exist for isolated, lonely people of reduced mobility to access and share culture?

Careclever is developing a tool that allows elderly people to easily acces this cultural diversity; its exchange, its learning, and its transmission.

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