Rules of the community

Any person having an animator account on the platform who proposes videos on the Cutii robot can propose video content that he has shot himself or that he has the right to share. In other words, he cannot publish videos that he did not create himself or that do not use ideas copied from other videos, such as video clips, soundtracks, protected videos or third party videos, unless he is granted the necessary rights.

Rules for recorded videos

This by-law has been established to ensure that the host and its contents are protected. Here you will find all the rules of the Cutii community that will allow you to know everything that is allowed and forbidden on the platform and applies to all types of content, such as videos, descriptions, and thumbnails. All these rules are established with the purpose of freely sharing its contents in all benevolence.

Attitude and benevolence

The animator should use appropriate, caring, and non-verbal language. In addition, your content may be removed if you offer content that encourages users to violate our terms of use.

Sensitive content

1.Regulation on the image illustrating the video posted online

The image chosen to illustrate your video on all Cutii robots must not violate the rules.

2.Examples and implications for you

Please do not publish your video with the chosen image if :

This list is not exhaustive.

1.Regulation on Sexual Content

CareClever does not accept sexual content that depicts people or promotes exhibition.

2.Examples and implications for you

Please do not post videos containing :

This list is not exhaustive.

1.Regulation respecting content that incites suicide and self-mutilation

CareClever does not accept content that encourages intimidation, suicide or disrespect for the user. As the Cutii solution is intended for the elderly, the facilitator must be responsible.

2.Examples and implications for you

The animator of the video can openly share a mental health theme to help users. However, the content should not :

This list is not exhaustive.

Misleading practices

1.Identity Theft By-law

CareClever does not allow the facilitator to use an account other than his or her own, creating a secondary account impersonating a third party or using a false identity.

2.Examples and implications for you

The video host cannot publish his video if :

This list is not exhaustive.


If all these rules are not respected, CareClever reserves the right to refuse or delete the video from all Cutii robots and to contact the person who uploaded these videos.

Learn more about copyrights

The videos made available on the Cutii robot are subject to the Creative Commons BY license (full details here). In other words, the videos are considered free content. To learn more about this license and copyright, please visit this web page by clicking here.

General terms and conditions of use

Find here all the general conditions of use concerning this service of video recorded in section 4 "Activities part 4.3 "Video animation".