Some questions ?

  • General FAQ

    • Can I overflow on activity time ?

      Don't worry, it is possible to overflow on time, if you are talkative or have not yet finished your activity. The "videoconference room" remains open until all participants have logged out. However, it is not possible to restart the activity (via the green button) after the theoretical end time of your activity.

    • I can't create my account!

      Check that you are in the "Registration" section and not "Login".

    • In what language can I interact with Cutii?

      Cutii understands and expresses himself in French or English.

    • Do I have to pay for updates of Cutii?

      Updates are included at no extra charge when purchasing a Cutii. They are automatically done remotely so that you always have the latest news at your disposition.

    • How will Cutii get to my house?

      Cutii will be delivered by us. We will accompany you on the first start and answer all your questions.

    • How does Cutii interact with me ?

      Cutii will be able to listen to you and answer you thanks to the vocal assistant we have designed.

    • How does Cutii move?

      The Cutii companion robot is able to follow you independently. As part of a call with one of your loved ones, he or she can remote-control the robot to see you better or to allow you to move around.

    • Does Cutii listen all the time?

      Cutii only listens if you activate the voice control.

  • Beneficiaries FAQ

    • Can I use Cutii while it is charging?

      It is perfectly possible to use Cutii while it is loading.

    • Can a USB stick be used in Cutii's USB port?

      No, this is not possible, this port is used during the preparation phase of the robot by us.

    • How do I cancel my participation in a session?

      If you wish to cancel a session that you have booked, simply consult your agenda on Cutii, select the session in question and cancel it.

    • How soon can I receive confirmation of my registration for a session?

      The first person to register for a session will receive a confirmation from the animator. The delay can therefore vary from a few hours to a few days. The next ones will receive an immediate confirmation of their participation.

    • Can I stay in touch with the animators?

      At the end of the activity, the animator will not be able to contact you. If you enjoyed the activity, you can register for future sessions.

    • What is the autonomy of my robot?

      The autonomy of the robot is estimated at 6 hours on the home screen and 4 hours in video. We recommend that you charge the robot when the bow tie turns red. Don't worry, even when charging Cutii can be used for your games or activities.

    • Can I call several people at the same time?

      You can only call one person at a time. However, when you are on a call with a loved one, he or she has the option of inviting other relatives.

    • I am an animator in EHPAD, how can Cutii help me on a daily basis?

      The Cutii companion robot will, through connected sessions, propose diversified activities with animators who will have the pleasure to talk about their passion. With games, quizzes, videos, Cutii will be able to create social links between residents. Finally, thanks to its call functionality, it will allow residents to call and see their loved ones.

    • How do I add a new contact?

      To add a new contact, you need to give your relative the invitation code that was given to you when the robot was delivered. This person will then add the code on the Cutii mobile application or the website.

    • How to contact us in case of problems?

      We are at your disposal, you can call us or send a message to the "Support" contact via your robot, or via the site contact form.

    • How to entertain residents with Cutii?

      To entertain your residents, you have access to a catalogue of leisure activities consisting of Quizzes, Games and Reading, which is updated regularly. With these tools you can help them to work on their memory, knowledge, reflection and even play together in order to maintain a social link.Afterwards, you will have access to activities led by our animators who offer sessions adapted to senior citizens. Among the subjects covered, we have soft gym, laughter yoga, visual memory... The Cutii service is constantly evolving and you will regularly have access to new content, games or activities.

    • How do I reload my robot and for how long?

      The robot is recharged using the charger provided on delivery. The socket is located at the back of the robot. If the battery is completely empty, it will take about 4 hours to recharge the robot.

    • Can I find out if someone has tried to contact me during my absence?

      Yes, three icons may appear in the top left corner of your Cutii screen. Here are the details:

      • An envelope with a number: Messages have been missed
      • A phone with a number: Calls were missed
      • An eye with a number: Patrol calls missed

      You can click on these icons to access the items you have missed.

    • Who manufactures Cutii?

      Cutii is made in France : our services are designed by ComClever teams in Roubaix, in the north of France, and our robot is manufactured in our factory in Lannion, in the Côtes d'Armor region.

  • Contact FAQ

    • How to add a Cutii ?

      Login to your acoount meet.cutii.io, click on "Add a Cutii" and enter the name, first name and PIN code of your friend or relative.more informations here

    • I would like to call a relative who has Cutii.

      Log in to your meet.cutii.io space and click on the green phone in your relative's contact card more informations here

    • How to take control of the robot remotely?

      You can control the robot remotely during a call with your loved one, click on the joystick and then steer the robot either with the joystick directions. Please note that the joystick is not active during a call with several people at the same time. It works in the same way during an emergency call.There is one use that will allow you to call your loved one on their Cutii and take control of them if they do not answer to make sure they are OK: the patrol.more informations here

  • Animator FAQ

    • I have a problem, can I cancel my session?

      In case of unexpected events you always have the possibility to cancel your session. To do so, log on to your meet.cutii.io space, select your session in your calendar and click on delete.

    • How to create a live activity on the platform?

      First of all, you need to create your activity,Then you can plan your sessions

    • How to create an activity with video on Cutii?

      You can add a video for each of your activities, these videos can be used to promote your activities live (recommended format: 5 min) or as an experience in itself (recommended format: 20 to 30 minutes).more informations here

    • I would like to propose an activity. How do I proceed?

      The activities are managed by us, please fill in this form and explain the activity you would like to propose.

    • How to start an activity?

      First of all, remember to CONFIRM the reservation requests via the bell on the front page of your Cutii account.Once confirmed, the session will appear in your "upcoming events" on the left side of your home page.On D-DAY, a green arrow (logo player) will appear 3 minutes before the start time of your session.Then you just have to click on it to launch the video conference with the other participants.

    • What to do if a participant does not feel well during a session?

      It is important to be alert to weak signals, especially during physical activities. Prevention is best. In case of a problem, it is possible to make an emergency call by clicking on the participant's camera feedback.

    • What do I need to propose an activity?

      To create an activity you will need a computer or a tablet with a camera. You will also need a good quality internet connection (vdsl, fibre, 4G or 5G).

  • Product FAQ

    • How tall is Cutii?

      Cutii has a telescopic neck for use while sitting as well as standing. So its height varies between 1.2m (45”) and 1.45m (57”).

    • Do I need internet to use Cutii?

      The Cutii companion robot must be connected via WiFi to an internet network in order to be able to use its services. For optimal call quality we recommend that you use the following connection methods: vdsl, fiber, 4G or 5G.

    • Where can I use Cutii?

      Cutii is designed for indoor use only. Cutii can be used in several rooms, if they are on the same level or if you have a lift.