Meet Cutii

Cutii is a companion robot dedicated to the well-being of elderly people at home or in senior living communities.

  • Speak to Cutii naturally

  • Cutii automatically moves to you when needed

  • Adjustable neck

  • Avoid obstacles automatically

A robot made in France

In order to guarantee a quality service and stay as close as possible to our suppliers, Cutii is a French robot designed in Lille and manufactured in Brittany.

Antoine Bataille présentant Cutii

Here is everything Cutii can do

  • Its text-to-speech / speech-to-text technologies, coupled with its artificial intelligence, allow you to control Cutii by voice.

  • Authorized persons can control Cutii remotely with a simple wave of the hand during a video call on the robot.

  • Cutii interacts with you and adapts its facial expressions as the day progresses.

  • For greater user comfort, Cutii's neck adjusts to your height to facilitate interactions.

  • Cutii interacts with its environment by adapting its luminous colors to each action.

  • Its 3D camera and sonars make Cutii autonomous in its movements.

  • In case of a fall, Cutii allows you to remove any doubt thanks to its SOS function.

Cutii et ses fonctionalités

Activities for all

  • Cutii offers you a catalog of exciting, specially curated activities. Anything from cultural to sports activities. Imagine a virtual nature walk for your residents!

  • Our hosts help you discover and share their passions through the videos recorded by them. Available at any time!

  • Quiz, readings, music and games. Cutii stimulates your residents at any time through these fun options!

  • 7

    activities this week

  • 30

    activities available

  • 8

    videos available

  • 12

    quizzes available


Cutii is already ready for use

Your robot is operational as soon as it arrives in your establishment. Once your profile has been created on our platform with the help of our sales team, the Cutii team takes care of everything!

Incredibly simple installation:

  • WiFi internet connection

  • Charging station (supplied)

  • 1

    Create your account online

  • 2

    Cutii is delivered to your establishment ready to start

  • 3

    Training on site for your team

  • 4

    Free access to online tutorials with our Cutii School

  • 5

    Free support via your robot or by phone


Cutii is equipped with sensors of different technologies to ensure maximum safety of use: stopping Cutii before contact when an obstacle is detected. The entire operation of Cutii is protected against all forms of hacking.

  • Obstacle detection

  • Securing your data


Some questions ?

See the faq

Detailed Specifications


Height adjustable from 45” to 57”Footprint on the ground 17.32” x 16.53”Weight 40 lb


Travel speed between 0.31 and 0.62 mphObstacle and vacuum detectionAutonomous or piloted navigation3D camera for driving


Voice command and speech in EN or FR13" touch screen, full-HD4 loudspeakers2D camera for video


Battery life between 4 and 6 hoursCharging time approx. 4 hoursCharging base