Get to know Cutii

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Vocal commands

His text-to-speech/speech-to-text technology, coupled with his artificial intelligence, allow you to command Cutii by voice.

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Remote control 

Authorized individuals can guide Cutii from a distance with a simple hand gesture, via the application.

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Social companion

Cutii interacts with you, and adapts his facial expressions to every emotion.

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Adjustable height 

For more comfortable use, Cutii’s neck adjusts to your height, to facilitate interactions

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Visual notifications

Cutii interacts socially with his environment, harmonizing his LED matrix with every situation.

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Autonomous movement 

Cutii’s 3D camera and sonar makes him entirely autonomous in his movements, allowing him to adapt to the world around him

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Security and respect for privacy are at the heart of Cutii’s design.

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A companion like no other

Any questions about Cutii ?

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