consulter un médecin doctissimo hellocare

Consult a doctor at home at anytime.

Because it can be difficult to get to the doctor and get an appointment, our platform, in collaboration with HelloCare, allows you to directly contact a doctor online. A question to ask or need a consultation from home? With Cutii it's possible and it's fast.

  • Availability
    Doctors are available within 2 minutes, 24/7, to answer to all your questions and do a remote consultation.
  • Auscultation
    The video consultation allows the doctor to see and hear your needs and make a precise diagnosis, as if you were in his doctor’s office.
  • Follow-up
    A recovery plan, a report and a prescription are given to you, so as to treat you.
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In case of a fall, alert your family!

Because a fall can happen fast, it is important to be able to warn your loved ones quickly.

  • Assistance
    In case of a fall, with Cutii you are not alone. Just call it to alert your family immediately or use the fall detection device.
  • Alert
    Your family referents will be notified of your accident with a call. You will be able to interact with them and inform them of the degree of seriousness of the domestic accident.
  • Help
    From home, work or any other place, your family can assess your physical condition. It only needs to take control of the remote robot from a smartphone and decide to move if necessary.

How it works?