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By the year 2050, nearly a quarter of Americans will be over 65. Of those, 90% wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible years. However, social isolation is an increasing concern for our seniors, causing depression, loss of autonomy and withdrawal from friends and family.

Cutii’s goal is to promote the social ties between all generations, in order to improve the well-being of seniors and ensure they thrive in their later years. Empowering human interactions is at the very core of Cutii, an idea born from an inspiring trip to Silicon Valley where technology and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. From its genesis, Cutii has been designed as a companion robot: combining technology and social ties, to serve society. We strongly believe in offering a quality platform that promotes relationships and connections between people. Cutii has been recognized as a “Laureate Silver Surfer” in 2016 and awarded the “Tech For A Better World” distinction at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

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Our Team

Antoine Bataille CEO Cutii Careclever startup lille

Antoine CEO

I am passionate about innovation, and run a group of 9 digital communication companies including 4 start-ups. Bringing social ties to lonely people is a cause that is very close to my heart and drives my passion for Cutii.

Thomas Haessle CTO Cutii Careclever startup lille

Thomas CTO

I am a digital addict, Information Architecture and cloud technology enthusiast, I am excited to build the most intuitive experience as possible with Cutii.

Anais Chartier business developer Cutii Careclever

Anaïs Business Developer

As a curious and inquisitive engineer, I have always enjoyed discovering new products. Today I have the chance to participate in the development phase of Cutii and develop the first community around our companion robot.

Quentin Burg développeur Cutii Careclever startup lille

Quentin Developer

Passionate about new technologies, I have always wanted my work to improve the lives of people. With Cutii, I found the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, for a cause that affects millions of people around the world and be part of a great team !

Baptiste Famchon développeur Cutii Careclever startup lille

Baptiste Developer

Gathering people around common social causes has always been a real pleasure for me, and I’m excited to be able to combine this goal with web development, my passion since childhood! Through Cutii, we share a unique vision to design your companion: a companion that suits you best, a companion at the cutting-edge of technology, and a companion who always greets you with love !

Pierrick Mirabel ingénieur IoT Cutii Careclever startup lille

Pierrick Lead Developer - IoT

Since my first electronic game "Simon", I have always been attracted by objects able to communicate. Cutii is a great communicator with his human owners, I joined the team to help it communicate with other smart objects in the house !

Pauline Tatarski chargée de communication Cutii Careclever startup lille

Pauline Community Manager

The more time passes and the more I feel the need to invest myself in committed projects that inspire me. With Cutii, I found values I believe in. For me, this is a concept with a wonderful future that will respond to a current societal challenge. What is more beautiful than to communicate with passion and conviction ?

Pierre Louis Dubois développeur Cutii Careclever startup lille

Pierre Louis Developer

I’ve had a computer since I was a small child. Today, programming is a passion in my studies and work. I am convinced that information technology is a wonderful tool at the service of all and joining Cutii’s team to implement this idea is a wonderful opportunity !

Belange ingénieur robotique junior Cutii Careclever startup lille

Belange Junior Robotics Engineer

Fascinated by autonomous systems, I joined the Cutii team for my university internship. Like Cutii, I'm discovering my environnement and learning how to make Cutii better.

Catherine Huyghe chercheuse informatique Cutii Careclever startup lille

Catherine Doctoral Student in Computer Science

Curious and passionate about innovation and challenges, I joined the Cutii team as part of my doctoral thesis. My goal is to build scientific research and teach Cutii to make it more capable and allow it to meet new challenges !

Luis Parada ingénieur robotique senior Cutii Careclever startup lille

Luis Senior Robotics Engineer

I have always seen technology, not as an end in itself, but as a facilitation tool. With Cutii, technology is truly at the service of people by allowing them to devote time to activities that are important to them. I am delighted to participate in this wonderful adventure and improve the quality of life for as many people as possible !

Richard Marshall business developer USA Cutii Careclever startup

Richard Business Development Director

Whether Europe or North America, new approaches are needed to care for our seniors who can be so vulnerable to isolation. Using my business development experience I am bringing Cutii to the USA. And helping Cutii to help thousands of people is very inspiring !