Our story

In 2050, people over 65 will represent 1/3 of the French population. 90% of them believe that it is better to live at home to ageing will. However, social isolation, which today affects more than 8.5 million people, generates phenomena of depression, loss of autonomy and withdrawal.
Cutii’s goal is to promote the social ties between all generations, in order to improve wells-being and ageing well

Cutii is a human adventure, born as a result of a trip to Silicon Valley. Since the beginning, we have seen in Cutii a companion robot, combining technology and social ties, to serve society. Laureate Silver Surfer 2016 and award winner in the « Tech For A Better World » category at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, we attach particular importance to offering a quality platform that promotes relationships and solidarity between people. Every day we’re working for the success of our ambition, to encourage exchange and sharing between human being.

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Our values

Our team

Antoine CEO

Passionate about innovation, I run a group in digital communication of 9 companies including 4 startups.
Bringing social ties to lonely people is a cause that is close to my heart and for which I commit myself through Cutii

Thomas CTO

Digital addicts, IA and cloud enthusiast, I am in Hacktion to offer the most natural experience possible with Cutii

Adina Senior Robotics Engineer (PH.D)

My goal is to design intelligent systems through mathematical tools and integrate them into our everyday lives. For this purpose, I wish to use the principles of neuroscience in order to model human perception and decision-making. Cutti gave me the opportunity to use all my experience and give the best of myself to improve the lives of the elderly.

Anaïs Business Developer

Curious and training engineer, I always enjoyed discovering new product. Today I have the chance to participate in the development phase of Cutii and develop the first community around our companion robot.

François Scrum Master

I have been programming since I was 12, making computer development one of my passions. Since 2013, I am dedicated to projects that aim to change society through digital tools. I created the MathEOS software that allows students with disabilities to take classes in class, and since late 2017 I joined the Cutii adventure that perfectly embodies the social dynamics that animates me. I am today Scrum Master, in charge of Agile animation of the development team.

Lara Developer

I have always wanted my work to help solve a social problem. I found in Cutii the start up that allows me to meet my personal and professional aspirations by bringing a real benefit to the elderly. So I decided to leave Iceland to move to France and work in this wonderful team.

Quentin Developer

Passionate about new technologies, I have always wanted my work to improve the lives of people. With Cutii, I found the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, for a cause that affects millions of people around the world and more in a great team!

Laura Community manager

Coming from a marketing training, I'm on the lookout for innovations and passionate about the digital world. My creative sense and my natural sociability are today at the service of an innovation invented so as to create a social bond. I am pleased to highlight the evolution of this companion robot Cutii, whose primary objective is to connect people.