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Laurence animatrice yoga du rire sur cutii

Lambersart, France
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" I do things seriously without taking myself seriously: a light mind and feet on the ground. "

With a light mind and feet on the ground !

I am Laurence, animator in well-being, balance and health practices for 15 years. I have prepared for you 2 workshops whose effectiveness is well established :

– The workshop of good humor and vitality with “Laughter Yoga” with multiple health benefits, now recognized by medicine.

– The comfort and soothing pain or insomnia workshop. I will introduce you to “Do-in”, targeted self-massage exercises according to your needs. Light heart and good foot, good eye.

Here is my program for you and count on me to guide you and convince you of one thing: to take time for yourself, for your well-being … Absolutely and irrevocably ! See you soon !


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