A new vision of social ties

Our collaborative platform allows you to combine all your activities on one application.

  • Create social connection to support the well-being and to postpone dependence.
  • Maintain elder with decreasing autonomy at home.
  • Gather actors and companies of services.

A true community

Our collaborative platform allows you to combine all your activities, your calendar and your kitty on one application. Create, organize and plan your activities with a simple gesture and share a friendly moment.

  • Creation of an ecosystem that gives the possibility to anyone to become caretaker.
  • Anyone can share quality moments with elder through adapted activities and services in addition to gain benefit.
Bien viellir avec cutii le robot compagnon

Cutii, a unique companion

The elderly are equipped with a fully-operated robot. Outside people take the hand on it to move it via a web or mobile platform.

  • Speech recognition and vocal synthesis
  • Facial detection and recognition
  • Remote control for family caregivers
  • Fall detection and alarm management
  • Connection with Internet Of Objects