The Cutii’s rebranding

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Cutii robot compagnon pour personne âgée

After a little more than one year of existence of our companion robot, and feedback from its creation, we have decided to rename our start-up. Yumii no longer exists, long live Cutii !

What are the reasons for this name change ? change is now

Our companion robot has already made a name for itself in the world of the Silver Economy and that of robotics. For increased readability, we’ve decided to simplify our communication y keeping just this name, Cutii.

Young company, we have come along way since the last year :

  • Winner of Silver Surfer 2016 prize organized by Eurasanté.
  • Winner of Award in “Tech For A Better World ” category at CES 2017 Las Vegas. Prize discerned  by a panel of 40 major leaders in American tech.
  • We are also noticed at the Innorobo, Paris Healthcare Week, and Vivatechnologie exhibitions (all high-profile, international events).

But it’s only the beginning of the adventure. The best is yet to come for our companion robot Cutii.

Cutii the companion robot for seniors

The visibility acquired through our project, and these distinctions, are leading our start-up to a new dimension. To take this evolution into account, we wish to avoid any confusion between Yumii and our robot Cutii, as well as with any robots of similar names. Additionally, Yumii’s start-up name will change, and will be called CareClever SAS.

A start-up attached to its strong values of humanity, sharing, and innovation : this is what unites collaborators, and what Cutii by CareClever SAS represents.